Thursday, December 29, 2011

Business World online:

SARAJEVO -- Angelina Jolie's™s movie about the Bosnian war brought back harsh and powerful memories on Thursday at a screening in the city where many of the most brutal events of the 1992-95 conflict occurred.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What a coincidence! 

The release of Requiem for a Country (December 2011) came around the same time when the movie about the last Bosnian war, Angelina Jolie's A Land of Blood and Honey, started showing in theaters.

I published Requiem as a sequel to The Last Exile (November 2009). It is a comprehensive,  documented, annotated and footnoted political memoir about losing my native Bosnia twice -- in 1941 in the WWII and again in the three-pronged hostilities and genocides of the 1990s. 

The movie made both my books quite topical again .

Sunday, May 8, 2011


My new work is dedicated To All The People Everywhere Torn Out Of Their Roots

Segments of the project have been shown in power point presentations in Princeton, Plainsboro, and Kean University. A handout with a chronology of events was distributed at each event.

THE HISTORY CLASS will soon be made available in its entirety on Kindle, 159 pages with sixty pictures, drawings and maps.

I will also have it printed, but only in a limited luxury edition of thirty numbered and autographed copies.

For a taste of the work, here is its beginning:

"I survived the Twentieth century. This is about the why and the how.

"I was born Jewish and in Sarajevo. For both reasons, my life didn’t develop according to my own plans. Instead, I was water-boarded so to speak, slapped around by world events.

"In spite of all that has happened, the ‘Jewish problem’ remained unsolved for people like Hollywood’s Mel Gibson, Dior’s John Galliano, and TV’s Charlie Sheen, to mention just a few latest drunks. It may never end.

"As I was growing up in Yugoslavia, antisemitism was rising at home mimicking Hitler’s in Europe.

"In 1941, he occupied our country and forever destroyed our way of life. This was our second time in five centuries, only worse.

"This story IS about just one man, but it is also a history lesson on a generation and its century.

"A diminishing number of us still bears witness to the murderous bacchanalia of the Twentieth Century savages. When we leave as we must, the atrocities perpetrated on the Jews for being Jews will be terminally forgotten and repeated.

"Now, I’ve said it."