Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Last Exile on Amazon catalog

I was just informed by a reader of my book, The Last Exile, that he bought it inspite of the confusion caused by Amazon's catalog description of its content as a Mommy book. Amazon has the right description on the Kindle Edition, and I was promised that they will make a correction bhy New Tear's eve. So this, and let's hope so many of other wrongs will be righted in 2011. Happy New Year!

The book description should read:

From Sarajevo in 1921 to New York in 1956 and beyond, this is a memoir of my journey -- before, during, and after the Holocaust -- over continents, through wars and peace, hatreds and brotherhoods, successes and hardships, uprootings and setting up roots again.

It was a particularly winding and arduous road, from the 1940 student revolt which toppled the pro-Nazi government in pre-war Belgrade to the 1941 escape from native Quislings in Sarajevo; from a 3-year confinement as enemy civilian during WWII in Asolo, Italy, to chasing out -- in 1941-45 -- of the Yaeger Division in the last year of war in Dalmatia; from battling Soviet attempts to dominate Yugoslavia in 1948 , to becoming a journalist with the world as my beat.

While reporting from the UN on the Soviet invasion of Hungary, I sought asylum in New York in despair over my homeland ever becoming a democratic nation. At 35 I started a new life in America, as a laborer, draftsman, sales clerk, and eventually executive of two national non-profits.

The Last Exile is about a youth with literary ambitions in a sleepy town in the Balkans who survives on the periphery of the Holocaust and finally makes it in the center of the world.

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