Saturday, May 4, 2013


We need one voice for self-published authors.

Published authors are organized and their interests are represented by the Authors Guild. Self-published authors still seem loath to speak with one voice, as if by joining forces we’ll lose our individuality. As a result, we continue to talk, often at cross-purposes. Some of the discord we hear may be coming from other interests than ours.

Talk feels good, but action is more effective. We must realize our common interests, and achieve unity of purpose. But only the strength in numbers can make us prevail. Once we become a united critical mass of thousands of authors, we will collectively become a force to be listened to by the media, by Amazon, by the publishers, and eventually, yes, when necessary to protect our common interests -- by the courts.

Unless self-published writers get under one umbrella to do something concrete for themselves, we won't be effective against adverse marketing forces.

Join The Membership is free. Let's speak in unison.

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Jasha Levi said...

Sorry about BEGTER. I would fire my secretary, but it is myself, and I don't accept the excuses.But this happens to poobabs who have alwsys been dictators to their stenographers. Now I am paying the price